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Getting Start

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Getting Started
If your a newbie to this game then you'll probably be confused by all the writing,
people talking and why you have a leaf next to your name ;) The best thing to do is do the first quest.
It will say "Speak to the General in fron of the south gate, but actually he is at the west gate ^^ so head over to the west gate.
Speak to him and read all of what he has to say and follow his instructions.

Take your time learning the controls movement and camera rotation etc..
Once you have almost finished that quest he will ask you to go hunt 30 Mangyangs.
Mangyangs are the lowest lvl monster on the game and you will find them just outside nearly every gate. O
nce you have finished this quest you should have a better understanding of the game.

You'll find that once you level up a little "+" sign comes up by your name,
if you click this it will open a menu and you can put 3 points either into STR = Strength or INT = Intelligence
STR gives you more phsyical damage which is better for: Blade, glaive and bow's.
INT will give you more magical damage which is better for: Sword's and speears.
STR points raise your maximum HP and INT points raise your MP.

Your HP will decrease every time you are hit by a monster and MP will decrease every time you use a skill.
You'll notice a yellow bar above your EXP bar, these are Skill Points or SP. SP is a greatly needed thing in Silkroad.
With SP you can learn new skills and upgrade the skills you have already.
Example: At lvl 5 you can raise your mastery in let's say fire.
You have raised your Fire Force skill to 5 now a shaded box with a sword on fire should appear with a blue box underneath.
When you click this box it will open a box saying the skill you want to learn and the amount of SP needed.

Masteries are the biggest part in silkroad,
without them there would be no game. You'll notice when you press "S" there is a new menu.

If you want to raise more than 2 skills you'll need to SP farm (See #10).
You'll notice that you have to rest a lot when you don't have herbs or potions,
so i'd say sell all stuff that the monsters drop and try to buy as many herbs as you can of each MP and HP.

If you press "T" a menu will appear, this is the auto-pot feature.
It will say HP recovery then a % then quickslot #.
Let's say you have 240 HP, a herb recovers 120 so you slide the bar to 50% so when your health drops to half it will heal you fully.
The quickslot number is the bar at the bottom, I put mine at number 0 and 9.
So put your HP herb at number 9 select quickslot number 9 on the f1 belt and it should work ;)
I think this is all you need to know to get started on the silkroad Asatru, enjoy =]