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Guild Basics

Guild Basics
1. Guild Basics
A guild is a group of players allied together within the game to fight, pvp, job, and various other activities with the help of each other.
There are many options and activities for guilds such as union, guild war, mercenarys and many more.

1. Joining Button. When you have the power to join people you can shift-left click
them and then click this button and it will send an application for the player clicked to join the guild.

2. Check Authority. Once you click this it sends you to a guild screen that shows the powers of each player
that have been granted by the guild master.

3. Withdraw. This button is NOT for you to withdraw.
With the correct powers and a players name selected in the guild,
it will kick the player from the guild. If the player is logged off, they will not have the 3 day ban.

4. Grant Name. Power only the guild master has at lvl 4 to give any player an *12digitname
for example mine is Nite_Rider*AmishParadiz
12 character max limit

5. Guild Name. Shows the name of the guild.

6. Guild notice. Click the text in the black box to read the notice.

7. Guild Points (GP). Amount of gp the guild has towards the next level.
The heart if clicked brings a box that lets you directly donate personal sp to the guild.

2. Notices
With the correct powers given from the guild master, you can have the ability to write guild notices for all members to see.
Click the small gold box to the right of the notice text box to write a message. The message writing box looks as it appears below.

3. Combat
Guilds can have guild wars after or on lvl 2.
(correct me if im wrong) The masters decide the length, points to win, and prize for success in a guild war.
While in a war, the opposing guild's guild name will appear red and you can attack them in any situation except safe zone.
Below is the guild war box. Points achieved by each player will appear in the box below.

4. Leveling the guild
To level the guild each time, it takes both guild points AND in game gold.
The guild points requirement and cash requirement are below.
*I am not a guild master I do not know these exact requirements but am lookin them up, if you know please pm me :)*
Gold: 500,000
Level 1 ---> 2
Gold: 3,000,000
Level 2 ---> 3
Gold: 9,000,000
Level 3 ---> 4
Gold: 15,000,000
Level 4 ---> 5
Gold: 21,000,000

5. Guild NPC
In each town there is a guild NPC that sells guild items, has guild options, and a storage.

Above is the Guild Store.
Here you can buy emblem tickets, mercenarys (for use only by guild master >.<, and goods,
which is a guild recall scroll which summons all players to the location of the master once the scroll is used.
Note: Mercenarys are able to be stalled and sold to the public

6. Union System
The union system is a group of guilds (max 8) which can chat together in union chat (% before message in chatbox)
In each guild only 7 people have the power to chat, but this power is not permenant and can be transferred amoungst the members.
The lead guild of a union must be level 5 to create.

7. Powers corrosponding to the level of the guild
Creation: Player must be level 20
Mercenarys: any level
Level 2:
-Storage Power gained
Level 2 ---> 1 page of storage
Level 3 ---> 2 pages of storage
Level 4 ---> 3 pages of storage
Level 5 ---> 4 pages of storage

-Ability to union with other guilds

-Guild max player increase

Level 3:
Mercenarys able to be used by guild master (only one at lvl 3)

Level 4:
Can have personal guild emblem
Grant names can be given by guild master

Change to 3 Mercenarys

Level 5:
Can make union
5 pages in storage
50 players
6 mercs
10 if union leader