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job Guide

Job Guide
A Massive part in silkroad.
Once you hit lvl 20 you will notice that you can wear a job suit.
There are 3 different jobs: Trader, Hunter and Thief. I'll explain all 3.

As a trader it is your job to get special goods from 1 town to another without letting your transport die or you die.
You can buy transports from the stable along with potions to heal your transport.
Once you have a transport you can summon it and exchange with the trade merchant. He will sell you special goods.

*Notice* The amount of goods you buy can affect if a player thief can attack you! a 1 star trade cannot be attacked by a player thief,
but a 2 star and above can. Once you have your goods transport and pots you have to walk from your town to the next town.
Let's say Jangan to Donwhang. Some good tips can be found on this forums as i am not a trader but the basic idea is to survive.
Try and stay off of the main roads and when your using the ferry try and run the last 400 metres or so because your transport will automatically teleport with you.
Every so often NPC thieves will appear,
depending on your number of stars the amount of thieves will spawn.
They will try and attack your transport and you. Try and kill them fast to get them out of your way.
Once your in Donwhang you can sell your special goods to the trade shop for normally around 300-400% the profit.

A hunters job is to excort a trader from 1 town to another killing the thieves that try and kill the trader.
As a hunter you can be attacked by thieves so WATCH OUT for high player thieves.
Normally you get paid by the trader for protecting him or you just escort because he's a friend or a guildmember or you just want the Job experience.
hunter job is very simple kill thieves :)

This is the job i like, the most exciting job thieving.
As a player thief you need a few things, first you need a transport and some pots,
and you NEED bandit den return scrolls. You can get these by going to Jangan and going behind the stable and speaking to the girl.
Your job is to kill traders or their transports in order to obtain their goods.
You CANNOT attack a 1 star trader but their is a method known as 1 star popping.

This involves obtaining goods and using the thiefs that spawn to kill your transport but making it so they attack the traders transport.
Normally you have to be a higher lvl so that the trader cannot kill your thieves.
Once you've collected the loot you activate your return scroll and go and hide from hunters while you wait for it to activate :D
Hunters can kill you as thieves and you can kill them, a vicious cycle :D