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Best PvP : Methandienon || Best Hunter : DavyJones || Best Trader : Ares || Best Thief : Senriku || Best Guild : System24_7 || Last Unique kill : Wintersun Killed Princess Miyene || Last Sox Drop : 7ashawshy Found Pegasus Armor [SOS] || Last Global : Blackrock WTT any kind of Elixier´s for Lv 80 Weapons.



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Game Rules!

# Botting is allowed , HWID Limit 2 and IP Limit 3 Accounts.
# Proxy is forbidden 1=1Day Ban / 2=3Day Ban / 3=Perm Ban
# The Team should be treated with respect! rules must be followed!
# Be friendly and try to act mature.
# Dont ask GM for Gold or Items
# Items selling for real money is not allowed.
# Account trading & selling ingame is allowed.
# For Trades, you can ask GMs for being Middleman so you can't become scammed.
# Do not advertise for other sites/servers.
# Multi Clients are allowed (HWID Limit 2 and IP Limit 3).
# You are allowed to go to the Fortress War with multiple Chars!
# Do not abuse any bug or use hacks! (Bots / Petfilter are allowed.*
# We take the right to ban and delete your account at any time.
# Do not cheat at the CTF-Event (multichars or joining a party from the opponent team)!
# Recharge back will be reward Perm Ban!
# Murder on Events is not allowed!

# All people are equal!
# Everyone has the right to the truth.
# You have the right to tell your own opinion.
# You have the right to make suggestions.
# You have the right to report anyone.
# Everyone has the right to play the game as he want, as long the rules are respected.
# You can ask the Staff Members any questions as long it's not completely useless.

# By donating to us you certify that you are 18 years or older.
# By donating you're supporting this server. In return, you will be rewarded.
# We do not give any refund for whatever reason it can be.

# The staff is not responsible for user mistakes, such as buying the wrong item, getting scammed by other players, alchemy mistakes and such.
# Bug or exploit abusers will get banned. If you find such things, better report it to the GM's directly at the Live Support & Discord via Private message.
# Do not share your ID or password with anyone, complaints about hacking account won't get any support from the staff. It is your responsability to keep your account info safe.
# Bug or exploit abusers will get banned. If you find such things, better report it to the GM's directly at the Live Support & Discord via Private message.
# For better communication and understanding certain situations, talk to GMs in German/English.

# Not knowing and or not reading these rules is not an excuse.

# Notice. If you see someone violating this rules, please take a Screenshot or Video as a proof, and report them in Live Support & Discord. Only unedited Screenshots (this includes the filename) are approved as a proof, reports with edited screenshots or without proof will be meaningless and you might get a warning/ban for false report.

# We reserve the right to edit these rules at any time without prior notice, so please check this sometimes.


We really wanted to launch a long-term server with an active and friendly community that contains a lot of silkroad lovers. A play to win gameplay server without any problems where the most important, GMs team listen theirs players ! If you are looking for a 80 cap server where the server's team sees beyond their noses. Support and join us. We would like make this difference between our server and the others.


Since we have started to developing this projet, we thought well about the features that we added to improve your gameplay. Our server will be one of the most complete 80 cap server in the world of private server ! With our experience in the private server, we know how it's important to offer a great experience in the managing server to our community. If you are interested about to play a server with nice features, support and join us to our adventure to Asatru Online!