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Transport and Pets
At lvl 10 you will be able to ride a Red Horse,
Transports like horses are good from moving from A - B,
If your training and want to get there fast from your town it's easier to ride on a horse.
You get REd Horses at lvl 10 then Shadow Horses at lvl 30 and so on, each higher horse has more HP.

Trader transports are different to normal horses, They have an inventory
where you can put special goods from the trade shop (Read #5 Jobs).
There are camels and horses and Fire oxes. Horses are faster have the least HP but have a smaller Inventory, better for 1* trades.
Camels are slower but have more HP and a bigger inventory, good for multi star trades. Fire oxes are slower have massive HP and massive inventory.
Pet's are also a big part in Silkroad.

Their are 2 types of pet: Wolfs and Inventory pets.
Wolf's you get from lvl 5 for 1 million gold from the stable,
They start at lvl 1 and you can lvl them up just by fighting,
they will fight automatically whatever you fight or if you order them to they will attack other things,
they grow bigger as their lvls increase and at lvl 40 they grow into a big wolf :p that looks really cool.

There are 2 types of wolf: White and grey, There is NO difference in their attack or HP,
just appearence and that you have to buy white wolves using silk via Item Mall (See #6).
Wolfs need healing when their hp goes low and when their hunger goes low you need to feed it using HGP pots.
To revive a wolf it costs 50k.

Inventory pets are good pets to have,
they have their own inventory and will pick up any items that monsters drop.
This is better because it gives you more timee to kill things instead of picking up your items that monsters drop.
There are : Monkey, Rabitt, Squirrel and Bunny. They are all the same and last 1 month when you buy them via item mall.
Every month they will pass away and you have to buy a resucitation clock from the item mall to get another month of life :)
Wolfs can be killed but inventory pets cannot.